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Alright people, listen up, I’ve been around on the internet since I was 5 years old, and I’ve seen a ton of things, probably more than what you will ever see in your entire life. So I have decided to share a small portion of my bookmarks to entertain you. Allow this to a disclaimer- you will spend a lot of time going through it- so you better have either- A- Nothing better to do or B- Bored. They are both the same thing pretty much- but whatever. All the links I’m giving you are pre-approved by me as cool and worthy of linkage. So watch the time. God help you.

Also I highly recommend you read my other posts about My Shower.

Thank me later,

p.s- If the tag cloud looks like were link farming- were totally not- every tag is relevant to the article XD

North Korea- Photos from the inside
This russian guy got a visa to go into North Korea. He took alot of pictures that he was not supposed to. Heres his original site thats in Russian. Its got more pictures, but you cant read the descriptions.

Why the future is in South Korea
Just an interesting read on why Korea is on the bleeding edge of internet development etc..

Gravity Wave- Weather
I have no idea what a Gravity Wave is, but apparently they are very rare. The pictures are really cool!

Koreas Super-Gaming-Oriented Culture
I don’t know why I have so many Korea articles, but this is a pretty interesting article on Korea’s geek culture. (the top starcraft players in Korea are equivelent to our movie stars)

A very cool college prank
A guy left his dorm room for 1 week, and while he was away, they took all of this stuff and screwed it to the ceiling. It gets pretty disorienting. Video included.

The most detailed digital painting ever
Quote, “It took eleven months (close to 2,000 hours) to create.” Its pretty incredible.

The Broken Laptop I sold on Ebay
The story starts when a guy sold his laptop on ebay. The guy who bought it- claimed it was broken when he recieved it, so to get his revenge, he used photos and information he found on the hard drive to shame him to death.

720 MegaPixel Photo
Super detailed photo of Sydney. You can see peoples hotel rooms! Ridiculous!

Sony’s Blu-Ray party screw up
Quote, ” Apparently even Sony can’t get its hands on Blu-ray content!”

Street Installations
A guy creates dummies that are put in unusual positions.

Windows Vista- Deletion
The picture shows that it takes 7 steps to delete a single shortcut off your desktop in Vista.

Quick Change Artists
I’m pretty sure you guys have seen them before. But its still incredible to watch.

24- Monitor Setup
24 monitors all hooked together. Playing Quake 3. Video included. He also did 50 monitors.

Awesome Rainbow Photos!
Some of the most incredible photos taken of a rainbow!

Aerial Pictures of Mexico City
There are some cool houses in Mexico.

Highest Resolution Picture of our sun
Its very hot.

Google’s April Fools
Quote, “Just found an April Fools joke on Google Earth. Area 51 has some visitors.”

Vietnamese man, goes 33 years without sleep
Self explanitory

What language do deaf people think in?
Good question.

Writing in water with waves
“The device consists of 50 water wave generators encircling a cylindrical tank 1.6 meters in diameter and 30 cm deep (about the size of a backyard kiddie pool). The wave generators move up and down in controlled motions to simultaneously produce a number of cylindrical waves that act as pixels.”

Pointer Kites
Become the geek of the beach.

Worst Laser Etching
Not to mention- If you look closely- they spelled some words wrong on it too
they ruined it.

Cool photographs of China
Reminds me of Myst.

Amazing Hole in One!
Yeah that seems impossible.

Google’s snack room
A heaven for late night gaming.

Things that you don’t want Google to find

What scientologists believe
even read wikipedia

Stick Figures on Crack 3
Its a really crazy series that is somehow entertaining. Out of 3- this is my favorite.

Ever wonder about the mysteries of Quantum Physics?
Well here is a video that is easy to follow and understand

Rare Cloud Formations
Yeah, its still cool

Crazy Ferrofluid
Fluid that reacts with magnetic fields- it looks unreal

Japanese Food Fight
But its all cool and slow-motion like-creative and weird- like most Japanese people

Weird Vista easter egg
There is a picture of 3 guys in the hologram….how did they pull that off?

Whale Penis
Yeah, well if you ever wanted to know what it looked like- then here it is.

A really good idea for a clock
I want this on my site.

Nice Mac Rig
Really nice.

MIT Sketching
Guy at MIT creates a program you can use thats like….a dynamic cad program….that how I would describe it

One of the best unicyclists in the world. I would know- I am one!

This guy is nuts.

Aqua Teen
This is the best episode I have ever seen of this show- and this is the ONLY one I’ve seen- its totally weird

Frozen Tidal Wave
How did this happen?

Learn Awesome Magic Tricks
They are actually possible! Video!

Hardest Video Game Ever.
You would have to be a masochist to play this game and have fun.

One of the funniest videos I have ever seen.

Stupid Wheel Of Fortune
Stupidest contestant ever.

Yo Yo Master
He is asian.

Great Stop Motion!
Awesome to watch!

Rubix Cube Fastness

Huge Wave

ZOMG I am SO TIRED of typing! Ok so if you brain hasn’t completely imploded from all of the link-age- you can spend more time looking at– That place has some of the best stuff. Seriously.
Well I hope you enjoyed it!
Kudos anyone?

So I remember seeing a video not too long ago of people doing the same thing- in fact I just found it again. So basically, its just tons of people that wear these jackets that has one color on the back, one on the front, and a third color that they can flap open on the inside of the jacket. The idea is similar to the people who hold up cards in the bleachers- and each person’s card is part of a larger picture- when you put them all together- you get a huge picture. Same idea here- but they actually do it with people. The display they put on is unbelievable and it really makes you wonder how they even managed to organize the whole thing. You just have to watch the video. Its ridiculous.

p.s- Go Korea!


Here is one from the archives.

So it all started on my trip in Canada. I was in Montreal. My family had a really nice hotel room, with a really nice bathroom. (I love to comment on how bathrooms are so clean, I don’t know why. Don’t invite me to your house unless your prepared to be criticized for something.)

So I decided to take a shower right away, and critique the the power of the showerhead and what not, so that when I got out of the bathroom, I would give the other members of the family the “Hey its awesome” or “Don’t go in, its depressing” review.

To start off, the shower head itself was SUPER overpowering! I was thrilled! I had no idea that Canadians loved to waste so much water on showering, it was outrageous! The flow was powerful enough that I actually had to lean into the jet of water so that I would not get pushed back by it. Overall it was an awesome experience- but thats not the point of this story.

So the really cool part starts here. A little background- this style shower/tub was fairly deep, I would say about 2 1/2 feet at most. It was shaped like a U or a skating half-pipe. As I reached to grab my soap, it slipped out of my hand- slid down the side of the tub- glided all the way to the other side of the tub- shot up ward and was caught again by my other hand. It was the coolest thing that ever happened to me! The soap acted like a skateboarder, so I did’nt even have to reach down to grab it when I dropped it! I was so shocked and amazed by the experience that I sat down in the tub, and thought more about how cool that was. No joke.


So relating back to my good friend’s post, I will give a second look into Zelda:PH- I wont really go into the game mechanics since he and every other game review site out there has covered it. Let me just start out by saying that I loved- LOVED the style and cell shaded look of Windwaker. Much so that much of the time I consider it to overshadow the ever loved Ocarina of Time. I just thing that the cartoon look really gives the overall game personality and style. So back to the game, my over all opinion of it is that it is awesome. There can be no question that it is truly a must have for adventure/puzzle fanatics- not to mention fans of Zelda:WW. The trademark dungeon puzzles are great! Especially since the whole game is played with the touch screen, its really interactive and clever.

I would agree that the world in the game isn’t HUGE or anything, but considering how many hours I’ve put into it; I haven’t even revealed half the map. I like how they kept that feeling of exploration. That to me is what made Windwaker so great, was because there were tons of islands all around the world ready to be explored, and I think they really kept that feeling as best they could when they scaled it down to the handheld.

When I learned that the game was going to be released with a online multiplayer function, I was curious as to what they were going to do with it. Nothing too crazy- as it turns out- but its not bad either. The multiplayer function they put into Zelda:PH is actually pretty addicting and competitive. To sum up how it works- I will quote Skoh-Fley because I think he did a pretty good job of summing it up.

“There’re no tools to use from single-player; it’s actually more of a game of cat-and-mouse. One player controls Link, and the other controls three Phantoms. Phantoms cannot be killed, and a single blow from them will kill Link, but they are somewhat slow and more sluggish to control — instead of a standard go-to-where-the-stylus-is-pointing movement system, they rely on the player to draw them paths on the map (which is on the lower screen for this player) to travel along. The player of Link must carry force gems (kinda like Triforce shards) to their designated zone to earn points. The bigger the force gem, the more points it’s worth, but the slower you walk while carrying it. Players switch off roles every round.”

After playing about 6 rounds of it, I can safely say that the multiplayer is REALLY fun. Not only is it super competitive, but its actually got a lot of strategy behind it. You really have to think on your toes and move quickly, because you have 120 seconds to score as many points against your opponent. There are also items- that balance out both sides- link and the phantoms. Link can pick up items that boost his time 30 seconds- phantoms can get an item that takes away 30 seconds from Link’s time. Link can pick up items that make him run faster and vice versa. So both sides can benefit from the items. If this game had voice chat, there would be so much trash talk, it would make Xbox live seem like a pristine haven for children.

Overall, I am very pleased in how the game turned out. I liked the fact that the stylus only system works, I like that the view is a top down 3D look, I like just about every aspect of this game- except for one thing. At multiple points in the game, one must have to go through the very same dungeon 3 times. Its extremely repetitive and it makes me wonder why they even decided to do that in the first place. But looking through that- this game gets an A in my book, and I don’t give out A’s willy-nilly. Its a must have for DS.