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You ever have those periods of time during your day, when you don’t have quite enough time to start doing something (like playing a game) but you have too much time to just wait out?

I’m totally having one of those periods of time right now.

So I can finally follow the trend and say I have dug one up from the archives. This one balances itself out — it’s a little deep (psychologically), but short:

The human mind always thinks ahead.

It’s why excitement is a greater emotion than happiness; why fear is a greater emotion than disappointment. It’s why we love Fridays but hate Sundays.

If our minds never thought ahead, we’d never do anything that would benefit us in the future.

In example, we would never make shelter unless it rained. We fear it will rain, so we make shelter.

In retrospect, it seems like one of those “uh, duh!” things, but maybe it’s just one of those things you know but never really realize. Maybe read over the second sentence more carefully if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.

I’ve still been meaning to write some more Game Loads posts, but having lots of games to play makes it easy to skip out on writing about having lots of games to play.

Meh, I’ll get around to it.

PRE-PUBLISH EDIT: Apparently, the first (or maybe dominant) tag called “fear” ever used on WordPress was actually “F.E.A.R” (the game), so when I try to tag this post with the emotion, it kindly tags it with the game instead.

Um, thanks WordPress?



  1. you guys should look into a more user-friendly theme, although this one looks great its so painful to use that i only ever read the two posts on the main page.

    there isn’t even a previous/next link :S

  2. You been using the recently section at the bottom?

    We also added the monthly archives section a while ago for going further back than that.

    IMO, recently pretty much makes the blog like the front page of any normal-themed blog, only without each post’s content displayed.

    I do wish we could change some of the stuff though =\

  3. yeah but as a reader i don’t really want the titles, just the content. the recently section means that i have to guess whats inside and load a whole new page for each post. theres no fluid way to read everything at once which is sooo annoying.

  4. I guess that makes sense; you can’t really skim over the posts looking for something that could be interesting.

    It also makes it hard to take the blog in through a scope — looking solely at the front page of most blogs can help you tell what the person/people often blog about, but not so much with this one.

    I’ll discuss this with doX.

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