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    So the story begins when I added my good friend, and went to her profile (on myspace of course). On her page was one of those “interactive refrigerator magnet boards” that one can drag letters to form messages to “get your friends excited about absolutely nothing”. So I put up a geeky reference and just saved it. Then like 5 minutes later, she posts a bulletin……..(The names and pictures have been blurred/sloppily “liquefied” for security reasons, and the rest is pretty self explanatory XD)

Yeah, I guess I am a really dorky guy.


Does anyone else think this is funny besides me?

One Comment

  1. Making nerd references is funny and all, but you can’t go around wearing your dorky badge so loudly all the time. It just becomes annoying to everyone who’s not in your naked geek huddle. You should just do want any normal person would do, and put ‘My Penis Eats CaCa’ on her white board. And the whole adoption of gangster words into the gamer lexicon, like ‘Hola’, etc, has got to stop. It’s not ironic, it’s unoriginal. Not to come down on your guys’ blog though, cause I laughed a good loud laugh at your last post about the CNA. Keep up the good work! Just stop trying so hard to be forever bachelors! Boo-Yah!

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