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Ok, so as you might or might not know, I work as a “Media Center” manager at my church. Ever since I started doing that job, which was like 4 years ago- we have had this CD replicator tower- we use it to duplicate audio CD’s that we then sell to the public. So it worked well for awhile, but after about a year of use, the thing just wasn’t reliable… all. It would constantly ruin CD’s, so when we put in 8 CD’s- only like 2 would actually come out ok. This drove me crazy! Because I had to put up with its shenanigans for like 3 freakin’ years! And today, it finally all changed. Our order for a new CD replicator came today! OMG! Its awesome! It can do everything! And not only that- it does it fast and efficiently!

Jesus really does save!

See that? Its waiting for its master- which is me!

New Hotness!

This is the old one. God, I hate it so.
Old and Busted.Thats right….FUCK YOU DSR!!!! I’ve had enough of your infernal machine!Ok I’m done. Just thought I would keep you posted on my life.-Neverhitboxes


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