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Monthly Archives: September 2007

So I played through Halo 3 today with a friend, start to finish, and I have to say, I kinda don’t like it at all. I loved Halo; Halo 2 was great; but Halo 3…meh.

I’m a big storyline person. I love getting involved in the events of a game. A big reason I bought the game (I don’t even have a 360 and had to get a friend to lend his to me under the sole condition that I give him the game when I’m done) was to get some closure for the Halo storyline, and frankly, there is none. There are so many questions left unanswered at the end of the game; too many even if there were to be a Halo 4. I don’t want to get too into specifics for those who haven’t yet played through it and still plan to, but were it not for a few small things, the game would have almost no attracting storyline elements whatsoever.

I admit that some parts of the game were fun, namely the last level, which was reminiscent of the first game’s last level The Maw, but overall the game failed to impress. The graphics were not at all bad, but weren’t something to drool over (then again, we were playing split-screen on a 19-inch TV). I’d much prefer not necessarily the graphics, but maybe the graphical feel of Wii’s Metroid Prime 3, my last favorite console game.

On a separate but related note, playing console FPS’s constantly makes me realize how much I love PC games. It seems trivial, but when you’re in an intense situation, and you need to turn 180 degrees around, and with a console you can only push the control stick so far in one direction and actually have to wait for your character to turn all the way around, it gets pretty annoying and sets some serious pace limits. On a PC, you’re in full control — your character’s movements actually correspond to your mouse; there’s no center that you need to reset to when you’re done turning.

If this is hard to understand, just think about what I said — imagine you’re playing Halo right now (or just go play it), and you want to spin around to face the other way. You hold the control stick down one direction until you’re there, right? It might take a second or less (depending on your sensitivity). Now imagine the same situation on a PC. You just go VRRP! and you’re there (yes, that’s my sound effect for a mouse).

So anyways, some PC games I’m excited for now are Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. I’ve already been playing the Team Fortress 2 beta and it’s pretty freaking sweet (they’ve even implemented rankings, just like BF2/2142!).

And this time going completely off-topic: did you know fell is a word!? I don’t mean the past tense of fall; I mean you can actually go fell something (i.e. I felled that tree yesterday!). Woo, good times.

Ugh, I could totally follow that up with an ATLA quote…

Enough said…….seriously, wtf is up with the fishing thing?

Do Not Toilet Sign


Ok, so as you might or might not know, I work as a “Media Center” manager at my church. Ever since I started doing that job, which was like 4 years ago- we have had this CD replicator tower- we use it to duplicate audio CD’s that we then sell to the public. So it worked well for awhile, but after about a year of use, the thing just wasn’t reliable… all. It would constantly ruin CD’s, so when we put in 8 CD’s- only like 2 would actually come out ok. This drove me crazy! Because I had to put up with its shenanigans for like 3 freakin’ years! And today, it finally all changed. Our order for a new CD replicator came today! OMG! Its awesome! It can do everything! And not only that- it does it fast and efficiently!

Jesus really does save!

See that? Its waiting for its master- which is me!

New Hotness!

This is the old one. God, I hate it so.
Old and Busted.Thats right….FUCK YOU DSR!!!! I’ve had enough of your infernal machine!Ok I’m done. Just thought I would keep you posted on my life.-Neverhitboxes

Not to say that I endorse war, or believe it to be fun. But I’ve been playing Battlefield 2142 lately and it’s pretty freaking sweet. I don’t care what the ratings said when it came out; I have lots of fun playing it, just like I did with BF1942 and 2.

I think the thing that’s so hooking (I say hooking and not addicting because whenever a game is “addicting”, people freak out and send you to rehabilitation) about games like 2142 is the ranking system. Needn’t I say, it’s the same deal with MMORPG’s — it’s the feel of being rewarded. It’s what helps you get through the not-so-fun but still not-so-horrible parts of the game like grinding — the thought that it’s all worth it because next level you get so-and-so new spell, or next promotion you get to choose a new weapon.

I admit that it’s a shortcut to hooking people in (a game that’s good at heart should be fun all the time no matter what), but I don’t disrespect any companies for taking it, because hey — it’s a tough crowd, and if you can make a game that people will play, that’s what you do. Plus, it’s not so different than real life — work hard and you will be rewarded. Not that I’m saying games should be like life, because that’s the opposite of why we play them — but it’s just not as crazy a concept as we might think.

Speaking of, to reward you for reading this far into the post (or maybe for just scrolling past this cah-RAHZY blob of text you saw), here’s an xkcd comic. I love these comics’ relations to math and intellect without losing ties to pure humor (assuming you can get the comic).

Since wordpress won’t allow us to edit themes or let us be creative in anyway without demanding our precious pennies- we are stuck using this theme and system (which sucks is ok, for now). Since we will be posting lots of links and pictures, don’t freak out if you don’t see anything in our posts on the front page. You have to actually click on the post to see all of it and the content. We will embed all our pictures and videos, so you don’t have to be redirected to another site- unless its a link to something (duh)  or if there was no way we could embed it. So sit back and enjoy the awesome content we will be feeding you!

Don’t understand? Then you are this animal.

^Thats a snail……..snails are fast slow. Thats you. Slow.

I have idea where this screen shot is from, or even if its real. But one things for sure, it’s damn funny.

So while I was “surfing” the internet (as you cool computer inept adults might say), I came across this awesome picture.

Amazon....wtfApparently it was some book recommendation or something.